the way to become happy The way to become happy

The way to become happy is to think and to feel that the very best is yet to come. Sri Chinmoy

Be happy, don’t worry, always expect the best and you open yourself up to the best experiences you ever had. Sometimes you will get the best of both worlds and sometimes you don’t, but if you always feel that the best is yet to come, you remain happy in the moment and that is what is important, because the NOW moment is really all you have.

 You can’t live in yesterday world or tomorrow’s world today without zapping today of it’s strength and potential. We don’t always know what is coming tomorrow, but we can hope for the best. This we have complete control over. Happy things can come in small packages and it’s often the little things that go unnoticed. We need to take notice of all the happy little things taking place in our lives—as many as we can take in, for it is the little things that add up to the big things.

Stay positive and optimistic while knowing that sometimes you will get the best of the worst in the best of times and sometimes you will get opposite. But one thing is for sure…if you bring out the best in others, you most certainly be the best and happiest you’ve ever been because the best things in life are free. If you use your best judgment, sincerely try, to the best your ability, and expect the best, you are on your way to a happy, productive life.