Spring Quotes

Springtime…a time of renewal! Did you think it would ever come? The sweet anticipation of the new season is here, an array of luscious new scents, young leaves on the trees, lush fields clothed in grass. This vibrant aliveness seems to have a cheery message: “Life is renewed once again and all is alive and well”. The garden flowers will pop up on patios and decorate indoor vases, the bright green foliage of veggies means fresh salads yet to be, yum! And, oh, the outdoor fun of family and friends…fire up the grill!

Welcome, Spring!

Spring Bursting Out Garden of Delight   Quotes about Spring When there’s new growth bursting out all over, everything fresh, green, and flourishing, the plants are little rockets of success going off every time you look at them. Jacqueline Heriteau

Every spring is the only spring – a perpetual astonishment. Ellis Peters

This outward spring and garden are a reflection of the inward garden. Rumi

Spring is when life’s alive in everything. Christina Rossetti

Spring in the world! And all things are made new! Richard Hovey

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil. Reginald Heber

And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks ‘Go’. Christopher Morley

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