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Turn a Grey Day into a Rainbow Day

Turn a Grey Day into a Rainbow Day!

…it is really about celebrating the joy in life!

Everyone has days when everything just seems grey, bleak, miserable, and, at times, just plain yucky! Those days when it takes all of your willpower and effort just to get yourself out of bed and into the shower, or days when you just don’t seem to have the energy to cope with the events of the day, are the grey days. On the other hand, rainbows are symbols of hope, happiness, joy, and brightness. In Ireland, you can look to see the pot of proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow, in Australia the Aboriginals tell of the Rainbow Serpent (a god who created the world), and even in the Bible the rainbow is used as symbol of hope and a promise of a brighter future.

A beautiful colorful rainbow could not exist 
if it were not for the rain of a grey day—
 it was born from the very droplets of it”.
-Happy Life Quotes

Usually, a grey day is one where clouds swathe the sun, but even a bright, sunny day can be a grey day to you personally, if you are feeling down. Instead of focusing on how terrible you feel on a grey day, there are some simple, positive actions you can take to transform your grey mood into the joyful explosion of many colors. Transform your grey day into a rainbow day with these simple techniques.

Get Some Sunshine
Unless it is raining continuously, you can generally get out into the fresh air and sunshine on most days. Fresh air immediately helps you to feel refreshed and brighter by blowing away the cobwebs. Sunlight provides your body with vitamin D, which helps to release the feel good endorphins in your body and brain. Just 30 minutes of sunlight daily can transform your day from a grey day into a rainbow day.

Enjoy Some Exercise
Exercise is not only good for keeping fit or losing weight. Exercise is wonderful for people who are experiencing a grey day and want to turn it around. Just 20 to 30 minutes of a high intensity exercise will release toxins from your body, speed up your heartbeat, get the blood pumping to your organs and brain, and release endorphins.

All of these benefits of exercise make you feel terrific. You should feel a surge of well being about 20 minutes after you have exercised. Even if you can’t quite manage a high intensity exercise, simply going for a brisk walk will give you the same benefits. If you can, exercise outside for the added benefits of fresh air and sunlight.

Drink Green Tea
Green tea has antioxidants and releases a chemical that reacts in the brain as a feel good hormone. Drink four cups of green tea a day to feel better. Black tea has similar properties, but green tea is the healthiest option.

Stay Hydrated
Water is a daily essential. Drink plenty of water and re-hydrating fluids to keep your body on track. When you become dehydrated, your body feels sluggish, and toxins can build up in your bloodstream, as the cleansing organs such as the liver and kidney find it more difficult to work. Drinking plenty of water helps your body to flush the toxins naturally from your body and can refresh you immensely.

On grey days and when you are feeling down, it can be very easy to forget to drink adequate amounts of water. Fill a water bottle and take regular sips. Set yourself a goal to finish the water within a certain amount of time as a motivation, and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve your water intake.

Smile and Laugh
There is something infectious about smiles and laughter. Usually, when someone smiles at you, you automatically smile back. This means you will surround yourself with smiling people, because you are smiling too. Smiling releases hormones that make you feel terrific. You cannot think life is totally bleak or worthless, if you have enjoyed at least one smile in the day.

In parts of Asia, there are actually classes, run like an ordinary exercise class, for the practice of deep belly busting laughter. Laughter is indeed the best medicine anyone can ask for, as it releases all sorts of feel good hormones, and makes you feel instantly revived. Even laughing at yourself can be enough to laugh away the greys and provide you with enough joy to see a glimpse of a rainbow.

Read a joke email, or browse through the funny birthday cards in a shop. If you can, go to a comedy show, or watch a funny movie. Whatever you need to do on a grey day, make time to laugh at least once.

Admire Something Beautiful
It is difficult to stay down when you are admiring something beautiful or creative. Find inspiring words or posters to help you focus on the beauty in life. If you can spend just two minutes a day admiring a beautiful sunrise, sunset, picture, flower, or artwork, you will find yourself having fewer grey days. Rainbows are gorgeous displays of color and shafts of light and seeing one brightens your day immediately. Find something beautiful and spend a moment admiring it. If you want to, thank God for allowing you to see the beauty in the day.

Practice Yoga, Meditation, or Deep Breathing

Deep breathing or yoga exercises can help your body to relax. For an instant pick me up try breathing on a six beat count (exhale for a count of six, inhale for a count of six) several times. You will feel refreshed and less stressed. Meditation can take many forms, from creating an almost hypnotic state of being to spending time in prayer or journaling your thoughts.

Focusing on a small flower or leaf and allowing your mind to meditate on the minute details can be form of meditation. Whatever form you choose, the purpose is to relax your mind and body, and to change the focus of your thoughts from racing around in negative circles to find peace.

From a position of peace, it is much easier to see the colors of the rainbow and experience the joy in life.

Take Time Out for Yourself
Experiencing a grey day can be a physical or psychological reaction to overstretching yourself on a daily basis. Generally, people live at faster pace than previous generations experienced and often people will race from one task to the next. Taking just a few minutes to rearrange your own thoughts can be inspiring and can allow you to see some beauty, even in the busiest day.

When you feel depressed or down, there could be a reason, such as an unresolved relational issue that is affecting your mind. Taking some time out for yourself can give you a chance to work through that issue in your mind and come to a resolution that gives you peace. Go for a solitary walk, enjoy a warm bath, or spend 20 minutes in quiet reflection.

Spend Time with Friends
Some people tend to stay away from friends when experiencing a grey day, saying: “I don’t want to bring them down too.” However, genuine friends and people who care for you are just the people you need to be around when you are feeling low. More than that, once you are with a group of your friends, you tend to relax and enjoy yourself more than you would have felt possible before you saw your friends. Good friends will allow you to talk through troubling issues, make you laugh, and give you a hug when you need one. Schedule in time with friends regularly, and call a friend when you are having a grey day. Even a quick telephone or email can seem like a bright rainbow in a cloudy sky.

Cross Just One Item off Your “To Do” List
Set a small goal and then give yourself a reward when you meet it. Even the act of crossing a task off your to do list can give your self-confidence a boost. A feeling of achievement can be combined with a feeling of relief that the task is completed, giving you a much needed pick-me-up. You won’t feel like the day has been totally wasted if you can say, “I achieved this today!”

Celebrate the Little Achievements
Look for the rainbows in your life. Celebrate your achievements, both big and little, as the celebration gives you the motivation to continue on your path to your big goals. Recognize when you have done something well and celebrate it. Sometimes, especially on a very grey day, even getting out of bed is an achievement in itself. Give yourself credit for that achievement and lighten your load. Every celebration in life gives you a reason to smile, a spring in your step, and a lightening of the grey that can surround you at times. Keep on celebrating and finding your rainbows.

Count Your Blessings
A good mental and spiritual exercise, especially when you are experiencing a grey and miserable day, is to count your blessings. Make a list of all of the people, items, and possessions in your life you are grateful for. From the basic, “I’m glad I have a bed to sleep in tonight,” to the wonderful, “My husband is so incredibly supportive,” counting your blessings reinforces the positives in your life. In essence, you are dispersing the grey clouds by collecting and counting your rainbows.

If your day
turns to shades of grey,
find one little droplet
of good in it 
and let the other ones go.
If just the rainbow
to take simple goodness 
from a grey, rainy day
and turn it into greatness,
just imagine what you 
can do…
-Happy Life Quotes

You may not be able to implement every one of these actions in one day, but the more you can do, the greater your rainbow will feel. So, do what you can to help minimize or reduce the negative emotions you feel. You may need professional counselling if you experience too many grey days in a month, but in general, these simple techniques can turn any day around and can help you to see the hidden rainbows in your world.

This site contains affiliate links. To see more about what this means, see my disclosure policy here.