Funny Street Names

Here is a collection of funny and weird street names. If you know of any others, you may add them in the comment section.

    • Tater Peeler Road, Lebanon, Texas
    • Unexpected Road, Buena, N.J.
    • This Ain’t it Rd
    • The intersection of Clinton and Fidelity in Houston, Texas
    • Farfrompoopen Road, Tennessee (the only road up to Constipation
    • Dead Man’s Walk, Thornhill, England
    • Drunk Horse Lane, Westcliff, Colorado, USA
    • Divorce Court, Heather Highlands, Pa.
    • Peepee Street, Hilo (Hawaii)
    • Tickled Pink Drive, Gualala, (California)
    • Pinch’em Slyly Place, Charlottesville, (Virginia)
    • Malfunction Junction, Garden Valley, Idaho, USA
    • Chicken Gristle Rd. TX
    • Hell for Certain, KY
    • Noisy Hole Rd, MA
    • Corner of Nixon & Bluett, MI
    • Tapeworm Rd PA
    • Shooting Butts Road, North Island, New Zealand
    • Corner of Nixon & Bluett, MI

And The following streets are all in the United Kingdom:



  • Fanny Street
  • Butthole Lane
  • Holy Bones
  • Cracknuts Lane
  • Bugger End
  • Smellies Land
  • Piddle Lane
  • Jammy Lane
  • Pissinge Alley
  • Whip-Ma-Wop-Ma Gate